Sunday, 11 January 2009

.....Of an indecisive.

Its true. I'm rubbish at making decisions. The battery on my laptop has almost died with the amount of time its taken me to think of a name for this, my new Blog spot. I hope you like it. Its sort of a one size fits all jobbie where the title of each new post gives a different finish to the title of the blog.
I actually only half come up with it. Well, 3 quarters. My boyfriend suggested 'confessions of a' and I couldn't think of anything to finish it off with.

Its the same with most stuff tho, If we go clothes shopping I'll hold something up against me and say 'Liam, Do I like this top?' He has to decide for me and even once he's done that, I'm still never sure.
What to wear, what to do, where to go, what to do for dinner, how to do my hair, the simplest of decisions can often be the hardest choices for me.

The Biggest and hardest decision I have at the moment tho, stems from Liam's love of technology.
I'm currently writing this on my HP laptop. Its only about 9 months old and its a lovely laptop but it has that cruddy windows vista on it and I have to decide whether I want to let Liam sell this laptop so that I can then have his Mac or stick with this and sell the Mac.
Everything else we have seems to be Apple. I have 2 iPods, Liam has Apple t.v and we each have the iPhone 3g (he also has a brand new Mac, not sure what it is but its a nice big silver one that a few people seem to be a bit jealous of so I assume its good) so moving on to the Mac will probably be the smarter move. Especially if Vista is anything to go by. But then I would have to relearn stuff, for example, a Mac doesn't have a 'right-click and I wouldn't know any of the shortcuts/quick-keys that I know on a p.c. Also, all the programs are called different things and are in different places, so it takes me ages to find what I want and then I have to figure out how to use it.

Its not a life threatening decision but it is a difficult one, and one that Ive been stuck with for weeks.

If you have any pros and cons for either, let me know

Apple or Microsoft.....(insert Big brother voice here-) 'Who goes, You decide!'

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  1. Just to let you know......

    I'm not a pc - I'm a Mac!