Friday, 16 January 2009

.....Of a Friend

I have a friend.
Yes a whole one! Her name is Genevieve and she was named after a waitress that her Dad had a thing for.
I do like her name, its unusual - like her!!
Shes a typical girly-girl she loves her shoes, and her pink things and parties and stuff, her eyelashes are gorgeous and spends her life just floating aound in the water in a little dingy.
She makes me laugh, I've got a picture of her somewhere posing away with someones hand on her boob and she carried on posing un-phased! Lol

I call her Tink. She thinks its short for Tinkerbell but its actually short for Stinker!

Dont tell her tho!

We met in June 06 I think on a training course through Olan Mills and it was love at first sight.
Oh wait, that's the wrong story... I meant we've been friends ever since, although we've only met during that week. I've never seen her since. We were both made redundant when that shitty boluxing company when tits up. So all the time we were out of work we spent hours and hours each day chatting online and making up silly quizzes and sending each other prizes and stuff and telling each other secrets! (Ssssshhh)

But then she left me.

It was a sad time.

I was sure I'd never get over it.

We hardly spoke, what with the different time zones and shit and she met a new bloke and whatever......

But then she came hommmme!!! And all was good and she asked me to write a blog about her. So I did... and it goes like this....

I have a friend.
Yes a whole one! Her name is Genevieve......

And shes the best!

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