Monday, 23 February 2009

.....Of a Social Networker.

I was told today that I have a social networking problem.

I disagree.

Its only a problem if you dont like it..... And i like it very much!

I was trying to explain the wonderful world of Twitter to one of my work colleagues and... Well..... Well he just didnt really get it!

I dont go on a lot of social networking sites. I frequently go on Facebook and Twitter ( I visit both of these everyday without fail, a minimum of 7 times a day) But they are the only 2. I have tried others such and Myspace and Faceparty but they dont really 'do it' for me! lol

Since getting my iPhone, visiting these sites has been made so much easier with the wonderful applications you can download. one tap on the screen and your away!

But like I said, I dont have a social networking problem..... I like it!

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