Tuesday, 14 April 2009

.....Of a geek in training.

I'm being turned more and more into a geek everyday.
Somebody made an inaccurate statement yesterday on the gadget show about a piece of geek kit that I got Liam for Christmas and I had this urge to correct him! What's that about? Why should I even care??

Its bad tho... I even do the low wind resistant hi5's (You know the ones, where you keep your hand horizontal until you clap the other persons hand) (Don't pretend you don't know...!!)

My iphone has the new update on it that isn't due out until the summer. I love it. I love having new technology before other people. I was the first person in my whole school to have a Tamagotchi (remember those cute little keyring pets..?)
Liam registered as a developer so he can now build the apps to go into the app store. Well, I say that but he's still learning that part. Bless him.  So long as he doesn't give up on this project like most things he starts, he could make some really good money from it... Heres hoping! 

The guy that made the 'fart button' app makes £9000 a day from downloads! How mad is that?

If Liam gets really good at developing apps, I could even do the marketing side of stuff for him, write descriptions to go on the info page to make people want them, come up with names etc. I've come up with a few ideas for some apps that he could do too so ya never know...!

Oh to be rich and have all the gadgets in the world............. (Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh)

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