Friday, 1 May 2009

.....Of A Party Planner

My bestest buddy in the whole world is pregnant. While I'm insanely jealous that its her and not me, I'm over the moon for her and cant wait to see her again next weekend so I can gush lovingly over her bump and help her pick out stuff for the new arrival. I've bought a wicker basket which I'm slowly filling with stuff that I'm getting for the little one. I've lined  it with pink tissue paper and I've bought her some bibs, burp cloths, little outfits, baby lotions and bath stuff, and things and I've applied for lots of free samples of things so I'm building up stuff like that to go in it too. It looks pretty so I hope she likes it. 

We've been best friends since we were 4 and had just started school. We constantly have the same thoughts, love all the same music and stuff and in all honesty I thought we'd have babies at around the same time. Especially as our birthdays are only 3 days apart.

But anyway, I'm planning a baby shower for her, for when she comes back to Peterborough and I cant wait!! The guest list isn't too huge. Just me, her, her sister and her mum and a few of the girls we went to school with.  But its going to be so much fun.... So far I've got a few decorations, ribbons and balloons and things. For the games we've got baby shower bingo, which works pretty much the same as regular bingo. We've then got 'Guess the Mess' which is where we have a few nappies with different things squished into them, such as chocolate spread, brown sauce, marmite, etc, and the aim is to, well, 'Guess the Mess'. There will also be other games such as 'baby name race' and 'bottle race' and other relatively simple games. There will be goody bags aswell filled with sweets, dummies, balloons and bubbles and prizes for the winners. 

I've had so much fun planning it all. I really hope it all goes down well. I miss Chelle heaps and heaps so I hope she has fun. I hope everyone that comes has fun. 


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