Sunday, 31 January 2010

.....Of a New Years Resolution

Every year I make a new years resolution. And every year I break it. This year I wanted to do something different. Yes I would love to lose weight, I would love to stop biting my nails, I would love to... Well, I would love to do so many of the silly resolutions that we're all guilty of making and breaking.
So this year, I decided to do something that will still be challenging to stick to, but something I will enjoy doing, that I can learn from, and also something that other people can enjoy too.

So this year.... I will take one picture every day of the year. This will be called 'Project 365'.

I want to be a professional photographer with a job on the side, not be a photographer on the side of another job. To do this, I need to learn more and to learn more, I need to shoot more. So the aim is to take at least one photograph everyday, share these pictures with the world and hopefully get feed back, criticism and comments that I can use to make the pictures better.

I have a 'Gothic Fairy' Photo shoot booked in March and the best picture from that shoot will be the picture for that day. I also have a couple of people that are willing to let me use their kids in modelling shoots for my new website, which Liam is currently putting together as we speak.
For the days that I don't have a specific shoot planned, my 365 image could be anything, from something that I have done that day or that is relevant for that day, it could just be a random image of something that just happens to be lying around, a self portrait perhaps, or maybe something that someone challenges me to shoot. I'm open to anything!

I am aiming to take most of these pictures on my DSLRs but I imagine there will be days when this isn't possible so there will be some that would be taken on my point and shoot or on my phone.

Well anyway, so far we are 31 days in out of 365 and I've not missed a day yet....
One of my pictures (The Macro Flower above ☝) has already made it in to a frame on my friends wall. I take this as a massive compliment. I hope she enjoys it and tells all her friends where she she got it...

At the end of the year I'm going to get them printed into a photo book and some of my favourites will be printed to hang on my wall or maybe given as gifts....
Who knows... You might even get one!

So with one month down and 11 to go.... Watch this space! xXx

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