Friday, 12 February 2010

.....Of an Allotmenteer

I've had my allotment for roughly a month now. And I love it!
I try and get down there as much as I can. I've had this week off work but its been raining most of the week so not had much chance of getting things done.
I've done a big scale drawing and planned out all my crops and spaces. It's all colour coded with crop rotation and things like my pond and shed etc marked out clearly, all coloured in and looking pretty.
Theres still quite a bit of digging and weeding to do before I can get anything planted. I'm hoping it wont rain on sunday and then I can be down there all day. My friend has a plot a couple over from mine as well so she takes her daughter, Daisy, down there where she plays with the wormies! Shes so cute bless her.
I cant wait till the summer. We're gunna have chairs down there and an incinerator for burning off all our big weeds and wood and stuff so we can sit with a flask of tea and some marshmallows. Good Times!

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