Thursday, 18 February 2010

.....Of a Romantic

I miss him when he sleeps. He lays right next to me but I just want to wake him and talk to him. Or even not talk. Silence is fine. As long as he's awake with me too. He's asleep as I'm typing this. He's just rolled over and is hugging me in his sleep. I love it. It's such a nice feeling.
He makes me smile. I keep a picture of him on my desk and just looking at it brings a smile to my face.
We never argue. You won't believe that. But we don't. We never have. We communicate, we don't have reason to argue. We get along so well.
He's my best friend. His opinion means so much and I value it on everything. I would do anything for him. I love to see him smile. I love it when he's happy. It breaks my heart to see him sad. I don't think he will ever truly know how much I love him. If there was ever a
reason why we couldn't be together anymore, I would still be so happy for the time we've had already. Nobody could live up to him. Nobody could erase him from my memory.
I love the way he smells. His aftershave is like an aphrodisiac to me. It makes me weak. If he was to look into my eyes and kiss me, my legs would buckle.
I onced sprayed his aftershave on my scarf so that I could smell him all day like he was with me every second.
I love him. I think I've said that already but I'll say it again and
again, every day of my life. I love him. I love him.
I wanna be with him always. I want to have his babies. I wanna wake up with him for the rest of my life. I'm not sure he realises this. I'm so crazy head over hills madly in love with him. He knows who he is.
All of this is true. And more.
Liam, will you marry me? x

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